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Flying to Disneyland Paris

The plane is almost always the fastest and most comfortable way to travel to Disneyland, especially since there are direct connections from almost all major airports in the world to one of the two major Paris airports. In a flight time of one to two hours you can get from almost all departure points in Europe to the gates of Disneyland Paris and are only a few steps away from the Kingdom of the Mouse.

A shuttle bus runs from the two airports Charles de Gaulle and Orly to the resort, which also drives to all Disney Hotels and the hotels in Val de France. The connection from the airport to the resort is very easy to handle.
You can find detailed information about the Magical Shuttle at

Transfer from Paris and its airports to Disneyland Paris buchen

Airport Charles de Gaulle (Roissy)

Charles de Gaulle Airport is located near Roissy in the northeast of Paris. It is the largest airport in France and the second largest European passenger airport.
If you land here, there are several ways to get to Disneyland Paris.

Magical Shuttle (click here for tickets)

  • Travel time: 45-60 minutes (depending on your hotel)
  • Travel costs approx. € 20 per person and route
  • Departes from Terminal 2 E / F.
  • The Magical Shuttle is officially licensed by Disney and commutes between the airport and Disneyland up to 20 times a day.


  • Travel time: approx. 10 minutes
  • Fare: approx. € 15 per person each way
  • The French high-speed train connects Charles de Gaule airport with Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy station directly at Disneyland Resort Paris in a few minutes' drive.
  • The TGV runs once or twice an hour.

Rental car

  • Travel time: approx. 45 minutes
  • Renting and returning the car takes time
  • With a rental car you are always flexible and can easily reach destinations in the area. The prices for a rental car fluctuate strongly and are usually much higher on site than if you book online beforehand.


  • Travel time: approx. 45 minutes
  • Fare: from € 60 upwards
  • If your flight is going at unusual times and there are no TGV or VEA shuttle connections, a taxi is a good alternative.

Airport Orly

Orly Airport is located in the south of Paris. No overseas flights land here, but numerous aircrafts from a wide variety of European countries.

Magical Shuttle (click here for tickets)

  • Travel time: 50-90min (depending on the location of your hotel)
  • Ticket price: approx. € 20
  • The Magical Shuttle runs up to 12 times a day from Orly Airport to Disneyland and vice versa.

Rental car

  • Travel time: approx. 50 minutes
  • Renting and returning the car takes time
  • A rental car offers you flexibility in many ways. Especially if you stay at Davy Crockett Ranch, this is the only sensible alternative, as there is no bus connection from the hotel to the park.


  • Travel time: approx. 50 minutes
  • Price: approx. 70 €
  • If the shuttle's travel times do not match your flight times or the bus is too uncomfortable for you, a taxi can be a good alternative.

Caution: Other airports in the area

There are several other airports in the Paris area, such as Paris Beauvais and Reims Champagne. There is no direct connection to the resort from either airport, so you have to rely on a rental car or take a taxi.
It is important to know that Paris Beauvais Airport is around 120 kilometers from Disneyland Paris. It is advertised as "near Disneyland" by some tour operators, but this is the absolute travel agency language.
Here you have to carefully calculate whether the usually lower flight costs in connection with the costs for a taxi or a rental car and the longer travel time are really worth it.