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Tips for saving money at Disneyland Paris

Here you will find an overview of the discounts and savings that are available at Disneyland Paris. Some of these perks are also advertised in the official catalog or in the park map, others are somewhat unknown, but no less attractive. You can save money in almost all areas, be it for overnight stays in the hotels or for drinks and meals in the restaurants of the resort. There are also discounts on tickets and souvenirs. It is definitely worth reading a little further, because you will surely find one or two tips here that will help you save on your next stay.
Well-known discount campaigns are the "3 for 2" or "5 for 4" that are offered at regular intervals - in principle, you get a day for free at Disneyland Paris for these offers. Not bad for a start! Be sure to look out for the early bird offers and last minute bargains to save a lot. But if you don't have time on the given dates, you have to look for other benefits. But no problem, with a little help, which you can get here in our travel guide you will always find an offer that can save you one or two euros.

Tips for saving money at hotels and tickets

View over the rooftops of Disney's Hotel Santa Fe at night

With a little flexibility in planning your vacation and a little patience when comparing different offers, you can save a lot on your Disneyland Paris vacation.

Use special offers
There are special offers for Disneyland Paris almost all year round. You are either offered a free night inclusive or a discount of 15-35% on your holiday. With some offers, half board is free or you get a gift card worth € 100 or even € 200 with your booking. These offers are limited in time or tied to specific arrival dates, but it is still worth comparing them.
Here you will find an overview of offers for Disneyland Paris.

External hotel instead of a Disney hotel
Many visitors are fixated on the Disney Hotels, which certainly has some advantages. But if you want to spend as little money as possible on your vacation, you should stay in an external hotel, but of course you need to buy tickets for Disneyland Paris then. There is a wide selection of really cheap hotels in the immediate distance of the resort. You can find an overview in the travel guide under "More Hotels in the surroundings of Disneyland Paris".

Annual Pass
Would you like to go to Disneyland for more than three days or are you planning to visit again later this year? Then you should take a closer look at the annual passes, because this way you can save significantly. You also get numerous discounts in shops and restaurants with the annual pass for Disneyland Paris.

Choose a travel date outside the main season
During the main season, i.e. in the summer months and also at Christmas, the vacation is usually particularly expensive - not only at Disneyland. If you can, you should therefore choose a travel date outside the main seasons to save money when booking a hotel or booking a package. Here you will find information about the travel time.

Save money by booking the best price around

Disneyland Paris Price Match Promise: Enjoy the best price around - guaranteed - for a Hotel and Ticket package

Disneyland Paris guarantees the best price for your Disneyland Paris package (Disney Hotel + Park Tickets + Meal & Restaurant options) when you book on their website. If you find a lower price on their website or elsewhere, Disneyland Paris will refund you the difference and offer you a gift card. Now that's what you can call magic! Isn't it?

Learn all about the Price Match Promise!

In addition to the best price guarantee, you also benefit from the following services:

  • Zen guarantee: changes and cancellations are free of charge until 7 days before arrival
  • free payment by installments (if desired)
  • no booking fees


Eating and drinking at Disneyland Paris

Tips for saving money

Of course you have to eat something every now and then and the offer at Disneyland is really good in this regard, but of course the food has its price.

  • Take a few small snacks with you to the park: Apples, biscuits and granola bars have proven to be very well suited to satisfy the little hunger in between.
  • Also take a small bottle of water with you to the park, you can refill it at the drinking fountains that are everywhere in the park and you don't have to buy a soft drink all the time. But make absolutely sure that you choose a plastic bottle, because glass bottles are prohibited.

By the way, you do not have to worry about this form of catering being taken from you at the park entrance. Disney only prohibits a "picnic", which includes larger food stocks and cooler bags. You can take smaller snacks and something to drink unhindered into the parks.

Meal plans
Do you like to eat something, not only in the evening, but maybe also at lunch? Then it can make sense to book the half-board or full-board option in advance. You have the costs for food and drinks firmly under control from the start. It is of course even better if you find an offer including half board!

Many hotels in the area and Disney's Davy Crockett Ranch have rooms with kitchenettes or even fully equipped kitchens. Here you can prepare something for yourself and save a lot compared to visiting the restaurants. You can buy groceries, for example, at Auchan, a huge supermarket at the Val d'Europe shopping center. You can also get little things in the shop of the Esso petrol station at the exit of the Hotel Santa Fe or in the shop at the train station Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy directly in front of the entrance to Disneyland Park.

Souvenirs & Shopping

  • Before you travel, set a budget for souvenirs. With a little self-discipline you can prevent the tide from ebbing too quickly. You should also follow this tactic when you are traveling with children. Determine beforehand the amount for which the kids are allowed to shop and communicate this very clearly. This way you avoid stress and tears.
  • Avoid shopping at the end of the parkday when the shops are busy and hectic, because in this mood you automatically allow yourself to make purchases that you may regret later.
  • It is best to use the morning or early afternoon for shopping, since there is not too much going on in the shops and you can calmly get an overview of the offer.
  • If you don't want to carry the shopping around with you all day, you can use the free Disney Shopping Service.
  • It also makes sense that you do not fall into the shopping frenzy when you arrive, but first look at the entire range in the different boutiques and only then decide what you really want to buy.
  • If you are traveling with children, keep in mind when planning your budget that your children will surely want to take home a nice souvenir from Disneyland. Make it clear to them that they cannot have everything, but have to choose a souvenir.

Save on travel costs

Route National instead of motorway
Use the Route National for your journey by car and save the toll that would be due if you drive over the motorway. The route is usually the same length or just a few kilometers longer, so that fuel consumption does not increase significantly.

Savings offers by train
Most Train companies advertises at regular intervals with a "Europe Special" offer, with which you can head for certain destinations in Europe for a special price. Paris is often involved in this. You have to search a little and you can't necessarily travel at popular travel times, but the price of the train ride is unbeatably cheap. Similar offers are also available for the Thalys and the TGV. It is worthwhile to have a look at the travel connections. You can find more information about traveling by train here.

Use the TGV instead of the Magic shuttle from Charles de Gaulle airport
There is a direct TGV connection between Charles de Gaulle Airport and Disneyland. You can reach the resort in about 10 minutes and the price is similar or even lower than the Magic shuttle, but the fare varies greatly depending on the time. If you are traveling with your family or a group of friends, it may also be the cheapest to book a private shuttle service.