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Disneyland Paris: Tour with toddlers

Are you going to Disneyland Paris with young children and are still looking for tips on how to manage your visit? Then look no further! On this page we have put together a tour that is aimed at families with small children, from infants to around four years old. Does this apply to you? Then read on and experience the magic at Disneyland Paris.
Always remember that you shouldn't put too much pressure on yourself so you still can enjoy it and have fun together. tip: You can also find lots of useful informations about visiting with small children here. If you follow these tips, nothing will stand in the way of a wonderful stay with Mickey Mouse and his friends.
Now the only question is: how much Disney magic would you like? Are you going on a day trip (be careful, this is extremely stressful with toddlers)? Or do you stay a little longer to be able to experience everything without stress? Have you booked a Disney hotel to take a break from time to time? Then you have the perfect conditions to experience an unforgettable time with your family.

Tour through Disneyland Park

The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Park is the perfect park for families with small children, Fantasyland in particular has a lot to offer that even the smallest visitors can really enjoy!

Start your day on Main Street, U.S.A. and take a seat either in one of the Horse-Drawn Streetcars or one of the classic cars of the Main Street Vehicles and let yourself be driven to Sleeping Beauty Castle. Once at the castle, it's time for a first family photo and an extensive tour to discover everything. Don't forget the dragon cave below the castle.
Leave the castle in the direction of Fantasyland to take a look around and visit the attractions that suit you. But before you jump into the fun, get an Early Access for Peter Pan's Flight, then explore Fantasyland as you please and return to Peter Pan at the Early Access time. How about a ride on Lanzelott's carousel or dumbo? It's a Small World and Le Pays de Contes de Fées are also ideal, even for the youngest guests. Is your offspring a bit braver? Then you might want to ride Casey Jr. - the circus train.
If you get hungry, go to one of the fast-food restaurants, preferably the one that is closest to you, so you don't walk around unnecessarily. Pizza and pasta is available at the Pizzeria Bella Notte, fish and chips are on the menu at Toad Hall, and burgers, fries and nuggets are available at Au Chalet de la Marionnette.
Also, don't forget to visit Meet Mickey Mouse to meet the world's most famous mouse and take a photo to remember.
If you are now exhausted, it makes sense to take a break at your hotel.

After returning to Disneyland Park, stroll along Main Street and then go to Discoveryland. Orbitron and Buzz Lightyear Laserblast are waiting for you. If you and your partner need some action, use the Baby Switch at Hyperspace Mountain and Star Tours. Are your feed starting to hurt or is there another show in the Frontierland Theater that you want to watch? Then hop on the Disneyland Railroad at Discoveryland Station and drive to Frontierland. Once there, visit the show or head to the playground so the little ones can play a bit if their energylevel allows is. We continue to Big Thunder Mountain, where it is best to use the Baby Switch again. Then take a look around. Is Phantom Manor something for the little ones? Since you know your kids best, you will know if they can handle it since it is a little scary there, but not too much. Or would you prefer to take a relaxing ride on the big paddle steamer? Slowly but surely it's time for dinner. Ideally, you have reserved a table at a buffet restaurant. If you didn't have a break for lunch, we recommend the restaurant at the hotel for dinner. If you prefer to stay in Disneyland Park, the Plaza Gardens Restaurant is very popular. And if it is still possible after dinner, then watch the Disney Illuminations show at the castle at the end of the day. Most toddlers sleep through it though.

With toddlers in Walt Disney Studios Park

Sorcerer Mickey / Mickey as sorcerer's apprentice at the entrance to Toon Studios

Walt Disney Studios Park doesn't have that much to offer for young children right now. But if you are visiting for several days, you should not leave it out.

As soon as you have entered the park, look at the great fountain with Mickey Mouse as an Sorcerer's Apprentice and take the opportunity to take a photo with Goofy, who you can meet right here as well. Then continue towards the Toon Studios. See what you like here. Would you like a flight over Agrabah with the flying carpets? Or how about the show Mickey and the Magician? You better avoid Crush's Coaster or use the Baby Switch, because this roller coaster is too fast for small children. The little ones should like a ride with Cars Race Rally, at the direct opposite of the walkway, better. Then have a look which Disney characters you can meet in Toon Town right now. Minnie Mouse or Buzz Lightyear are often present here.
If you feel hungry, you either need a reservation for the nearby Bistrot Chez Rémy or you go back to the entrance to the park, where the large fast food restaurant En Coulisse is located.

Now it depends on where you are. Did you go to Chez Remy? Then get in line for Ratatouille after eating, to enjoy this this family-friendly adventure without a rush. Then continue through Toy Story Playland, where Slinky Dog is the perfect carousel for the youngest.
From there, continue to the Cars Route 66 Road Trip, where you can treat your tired feet to a well-deserved break. And if it wasn't enough, move on to Stitch Live and Disney Junior Dream Factory, the times when these two shows run can be found in the program or the Disneyland Paris app. At the end of the day, the adults can take a ride on the Tower of Terror, where you ideally use the Baby Switch.

If you weren't at Chez Remy, but at En Coulisse for lunch, then ride Tower of Terror after lunch - of course with a baby switch. Then enjoy Stitch Live and Disney Junior Dream Factory and then head to Toy Story Playland, where you can spin a round with Slinky Dog ZigZag Spin. At the end of the day, stroll across the Place de Remy to the Ratatouille attraction and enjoy the ride.

Tips: Disneyland Paris with toddlers

  • Be sure to take a stroller with you if your child is still using it intensively. There are rental buggies at Disneyland, but they cannot be adjusted, so there is no way to lay down.
  • Allow time for the pirate caves, tree house, Aladdin's Passage, the cave of the dragon and other walkthrough attractions.
  • Take breaks and take enough time for it, because you are on your feet all day, you quickly will walk 10 kilometers and more.
  • Bring drinks and a few snacks for you and your children. There are many restaurants, but if you like to have something on hand that the little ones definitely eat, then you better pack some things.
  • If you book a Disney hotel, give yourself and your family a break at lunchtime. In this way you and the little ones last until the evening and can enjoy the final show.
  • Always have the park map or app ready to quickly find out where the nearest toilet is.
  • Before you visit, get bracelets that can be labeled. Label them with the name of your child and your mobile number. If you lose sight of each other in the bustle of the parks, a cast member can contact you directly.
  • Have a change of clothes for your kids with you in case of a mishap.