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Disneyland Paris: stroller and wheelchair rental

Being on your feet all day can be exhausting, so wheelchair and stroller rentals are available at Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. Since especially small children and older visitors find a day in the theme park particularly exhausting and need a little help if they are active all day long.

If you need a stroller or a wheelchair, you can contact the “Strollers and Wheelchair Rental” service in the theme parks and rent it there for a fee. You do not have to bring your own stroller or wheelchair, which is particularly advantageous when traveling by plane or train.
Of course it is more comfortable to use your own buggy and, above all, your own wheelchair, but if a transport to Disneyland Paris is not possible, renting it is the ideal alternative and can help make your stay significantly more pleasant.

You can find the rental stations just behind the park entrance:

  • Disneyland Park: Behind Main Street Station, on the right
  • Walt Disney Studios: In the front lot, to the right of the entrance to Studio 1

Buggy rental in the Disney parks

The stroller rental at Disneyland is very popular because the parks are visited by many families with young children. The queues when borrowing and returning the buggies can therefore be very long. Therefore, it is highly recommended to go before the official opening of the park or to return to the “Strollers and Wheelchair Rental” service a little later in the morning to avoid the biggest crowds.

Please note that although there are many strollers available, the amount is not unlimited, so on very busy days it can happen that all strollers are rented out at times. Therefore, it can be an advantage to bring your own buggy. Your child will certainly be a whole lot more comfortable than in the Disney version, which is a very simple, not very padded model.
In addition, you will certainly find your own stroller in front of the entrance to an attraction faster than if you rented one of the standard models. Of course, you can easily take your own stroller for your child with you when you switch back and forth between the parks and do not have to queue up at the rental place.
It is also important to know that the Disney buggies cannot be adjusted, so there is no way to create a lying surface etc. If something like this is important for your child, you should definitely bring your own stroller.
Note: if you bring your own buggy and want to secure it, it is okay to put a lock through the wheels. On the other hand, it is not permitted to use a lock to attach the stroller to a railing or similar. The cast member must be able to move the buggy at any time. tip:
If you want to have lunch at a Disney Village restaurant or leave the park for a relatively short period of time for another reason, it may make sense not to bring the stroller back to the rental station, but to park it in front of an attraction so it can be used later again. This saves you the time it would otherwise take to return and rent again.

Wheelchair rental at Disneyland Paris

Electronic Scooters can be borrowed from the Strollers and Wheelchair Rental service in the two Disney theme parks for a fee.
This offer is primarily aimed at people with a mobility impairment or an injury who are not otherwise dependent on a wheelchair but cannot keep up on their feet all day.

If you want to rent a wheelchair, you have to put down a deposit of € 150 at the “Strollers and Wheelchair Rental” service, which you will receive back as soon as you return the wheelchair.

It is important to know that the staff at Disneyland Paris cannot accompany you on your visit to the park. You therefore need enough strength to move around in a wheelchair or have to bring an accompanying person.

More information for disabled guests at Disneyland can be found here.