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Olaf with outstretched arms at his Meet & Greet (meeting) in Disneyland Paris

Meet Olaf

Do you love warm hugs? Perfect, Olaf can hardly imagine anything more beautiful!

Since the Animation Celebration attraction opened at Walt Disney Studios Park, you can meet Olaf, the snowman from the Frozen films. Olaf awaits you in the Art of Animation building in the Toon Studios area. There he got his own meet & greet and he is really looking forward to warm hugs! Because you surely know that Olaf loves hugs! So, if you want to meet Olaf, remember not only to take a souvenir photo, but also to give him a great, big hug!

Olaf is accompanied by a PhotoPass photographer who likes to take photos of you. If you do not have a Disney PhotoPass, you can get a cardboard card and buy the photos individually or consider whether you want to buy a Pass and have the pictures transferred on it. Of course you can also take photos with your own camera! If you ask nicely, one of the cast members present will usually do it for you.

It is especially recommended to meet with our favorite snowman right before or after the Animation Celebration show. It just fits the mood perfectly. But even if you wont be able to go to the shows, you shouldn't miss the opportunity to hug Olaf tightly.


Things you should know when meeting with Olaf

Disney promotional photo with Olaf

If you would like to meet Olaf at Disneyland Paris, you will need the Lineberty app. You can download this app for free and install it on your smartphone.
On the day you want to pay Olaf a visit at the Walt Disney Studios Park, you have to log into the app 15 minutes before his meet & greet begins (you can find the exact time in the program) and then make an appointment. You can choose a time when the meeting will take place.
As a rule, it is not possible to visit Olaf the Snowman without an appointment over the Lineberty app. However, sometimes there are technical problems. So don't be put off if you don't get an appointment, go to the meet and greet and describe the situation to a cast member. With a little luck, you will get the opportunity to meet Olaf (we cannot promise that, however)!

You can find detailed instructions on the Lineberty app here.

Pictures of the meeting with the snowman Olaf from Frozen