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Due to the Corona Pandemic and the security and distance measures in the Disney Parks, shows, events and seasonal events can unfortunately not take place at all or only in a different form. It is not yet clear how long these changes will be maintained.

Mickey Mouse on the Illusion Manor wagon for Halloween in Disneyland Paris

Events, shows & seasonal highlights at Disneyland Paris

All current highlights at Disneyland Paris in overview

Shows and events are part of the fixed program at Disneyland Resort Paris. Of course there are different festivities all year round, for example during Christmas and of course around Halloween. At these times, the theming of the parks is tailored to the respective occasions and a few additional program points create a very special atmosphere.

But there are also various shows and events in the daily park program. For many visitors, the evening show with fireworks at the Sleeping Beauty Castle is a highlight at the end of the day, but the parade in the afternoon is also a not-to-be-missed highlight.

All fans of shows are in good hands especially in Walt Disney Studios Park, because different performances take place here every day. There is a fixed show program, the highlights of which is undoubtedly Mickey and the Magician.

In addition to the daily program and the various seasonal highlights, there are various events at Disneyland Paris all year round. For some years now, this has primarily included music events such as the Electroland Event. For sports enthusiasts Disney fans there is the Magic Run Weekend in september. Various parties with the Disney characters, some of which are held exclusively for certain annual pass holders are now part of the program.

Disneyland Paris: Highlights 2019

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Events at Disneyland Paris

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