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For most guests, a stay at Disneyland Paris is limited to a few days, maybe even a weekend. In order to see as much of the parks as possible during this time and to make the most out of the time, we will give you some practical tips and introduce you to the various options that Disney offers.
After all, you should have as much fun as possible while staying at the resort and spend as little time as possible in the queues at the attractions!
Here is an overview of some of the offers at Disneyland Resort Paris that will help you make the most out of your time in the park:

  • FastPass
    With this ticket, the waiting time at many top attractions is significantly reduced
  • Extra magic time
    Two hours before the two parks officially open, you can already visit some attractions and also meet some of the most popular Disney characters on Main Street, U.S.A. to take photos or get autographs.
  • Disneyland app for mobile phones
    Program, park maps and informations about the parks
    In short: everything that helps you with your orientation and shows you the current waiting times
  • Lineberty app
    Some meet and greets with the Disney characters have to be arranged through this app
  • Single rider line
    Shorten the waiting time for everyone who is traveling alone
  • Baby switch
    This practical service is aimed at families with children
  • Shopping service
    Carrying bags around was yesterday, let your purchases be stored throughout the day or sent to your Disney hotel
  • PhotoPass
    Capture the most beautiful moments as a photo without having to carry a camera around with you
  • Hotel shuttle
    Instead of walking, you can use the free shuttle that runs between the train station at the parks and the hotels.
  • Guided tours
    Learn about Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios and take a guided tour of one or both of the theme parks.

We have also put together a few general tips that can help you save time if you are only in the park for a short time and want to experience as much as possible.
Take a look, maybe one or two things can be implemented on your next visit: This is how you can save time at Disneyland Paris.

Getting married at Disneyland Paris

Getting married in Disneyland Paris is like a fairy tale: romantic decorations in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Are you planning something very special? Would you like to make a marriage proposal to your partner or even get married at Disneyland Paris?
We have put together a lot of information on these two topics on the page "Getting married at Disneyland Paris".
What is possible and what not? What costs are involved and how do you make this moment particularly romantic? Can Mickey or Minnie be present and what wedding offers or arrangements does Disneyland have?
You'll also find ideas and inspiration for a romantic marriage proposal with a Disney Touch. So what are you waiting for?

Attractions with FastPass at Disneyland Paris

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Special events at Disneyland Paris

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