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Disneyland Paris holiday booing made easy

On this page we have compiled a lot of helpful information about booking your Disneyland Paris holiday.

Would you like to book a Disneyland Paris holiday, but don't really know how to? Don't worry, many other people feel the same way before their first Disneyland Paris holiday: here and there some information was picked up from friends or family, there was far too much information online to be able to use them all, and a brochure from the travel agency made the confusion even bigger.

In a nutshell it can be said that the best way to book a holiday in Disneyland Paris is online. But before that happens, a few points that are important for further travel planning, should be clarified.

  • Set tour group
    Who goes to the land of the mouse?
  • Choose an appointment
    When should the trip take place? If you are flexible here, you can save a lot of money.
  • Choose hotel
    How much luxury do you want? Is a roof over your head enough?
  • Booking a package or everything individually?
    The packages that Disney offers are uncomplicated and are highly recommended for families with children. Are you traveling alone or are you planning several stays at Disneyland this year? Then it may make sense to opt for a hotel room + annual pass.
  • Meals (Meal Plan & Character Breakfast)
    Do you want to enjoy your vacation carefree? Then you have the option to add the half board or full board option to your package. Or would you like to have breakfast with the Disney characters one day? You can also book this highlight directly for your trip.
  • Organize travel
    How do you want to travel? By plane, train, bus or car?

You can find detailed information on all these points here in the travel guide on the left in the navigation.

This is why you should book your Disneyland Paris holiday online

You should definitely book your vacation at Disneyland Paris online. Why? Quite simply: the price! The advantage of booking your holiday online is that there is no middleman who wants to earn money, when you book your trip directly with Disney. This also has the advantage that you have a reputable contact person with whom you are definitely in good hands. For example, if you have to postpone or even cancel your trip, it's usually very easy. One call is all it takes and everything can be regulated easily, while many travel providers face such concerns and you may lose a lot of money. There are special offers for Disneyland Paris all year round, which in most cases are only offered online and cannot be used when booking at a travel agency. Since discounts of up to 25% and more can be offered, you should think carefully about where to book your trip. There are also often online promotions where you can get half-board free of charge with your trip.

You can find an overview of current offers for Disneyland Paris here.

Winter & Spring Savings: save up to 35%

Winter & Spring 2021 special offer: Up to 35% savings

inally back at Disneyland Paris? The longing is enormous and you can hardly wait to finally stand in front of Sleeping Beauty castle? Well, then let's go! With the special offer at the start of the year you will receive a discount of up to 35% on the package price and the Zen Guarantee also applies, of course. Pretty awesome, isn't it?! So take the deal now and enjoy your Disneyland Paris holiday from February 13, 2021 to  March 21, 2021.

Click here to book your Christmas holiday!

Book your holiday at Disneyland by March 10, 2021 and travel between February 13, 2021 and March 31, 2021 to benefit from this special offer.
This special offer is called the Start of the Year Promotion and is valid for packages of 2 nights / 3 days or more at Disney Hotels and Villages Nature Paris during this period.

Discover now the Disneyland Paris Zen Guarantee so you don't have to worry. Thanks to the flexible booking option (Zen Guarantee), which is brand new at Disneyland Paris, you can book your Disneyland Paris holiday with peace of mind as it is valid for all stays without any additional charges. With the new Zen Guarantee, you can change or cancel your booking at any time up to seven days before your arrival date at no extra cost! If you wish, you can also opt for a payment by instalments, with no fees. You pay a deposit of 15% of the total amount and the balance can be divided flexibly into up to five instalments, which must be paid up to 30 days before your arrival. And of course the Zen guarantee applies here as well.

This offer includes the following services:

  • Overnight stay in a Disney Hotel or in a Disney Nature Resort
  • Tickets for both Disney Theme Parks for the entire duration of your stay*1
  • Magical extra time: park admission before regular opening hours*2

Create unforgettable memories for you and your family or together with your friends. Thanks to the enhanced health and safety measures at Disneyland Paris, you can start your Disney adventure with peace of mind.
Because the safety of guests and staff is a top priority, a number of measures have been taken, including

  • limited number of visitors
  • Distance regulations
  • count increased cleaning intervals

These measures have been designed to meet the requirements of the French government and local health authorities. Accordingly, the wearing of a mouth-nose mask is part of the safety measures for all guests aged 6 years and over and all employees.

And be sure! The magic is back with new offers like:

  • A huge number of selfie spots for meetings with the Disney characters in a completely new and especially magical form
  • Magic Shots: Have yourself and your loved ones photographed and Disney will conjure magic into the picture!
  • Surprises everywhere: spontaneous appearances of Disney characters, sudden parades crossing Main Street and much more - magic surprises await you on every corner.

This offer is only valid for bookings made before March 10, 2021 and for travel between February 13, 2021 and March 31, 2021.
Experience a magical time and book your holiday at Disneyland Paris now.

*1 Villages Nature Paris: This offer is available online for up to 4 nights with 2 days entrance to Disney Parks. You will receive 2 day tickets, regardless of the length of your stay.
*2 In the Villages Nature only in combination with a valid ticket for the Disney Parks.

What to keep in mind?

For security reasons, we recommend that you get travel insurance with the booking for your Disneyland Paris holiday so that you are covered in the event of an accident and do not remain at the expense of the trip.
But you can also look at your credit card, some providers offer travel insurance, which applies when you use the card to pay for your vacation.
However, Disney is quite flexible when it comes to postponing bookings. Maybe this is also an option for you, should something really come up and you really cannot start the Disneyland Paris trip at the booked time.

Shortly after completing booking your holiday, you should receive a booking confirmation by email. You should save and print out this email so that you can present the documents at check-in.
If you do not receive this mail, please contact the hotline to clarify the problem.

If you chose the "down payment" option when booking your trip, you must remember to pay the remaining balance on time. It is best to make a note in your calendar so you do not miss it.

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