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Important note about meeting Mickey Mouse

Due to the Corona pandemic and the security and distance measures in the Disney parks, you will be able to encounter the Disney characters in a different form after the reopening of Disneyland Paris.

Mickey Mouse bei Meet Mickey

Meet Mickey Mouse

Would you like to meet the most famous mouse in the world? Welcome to Mickey Mouse!

A meeting with Mickey Mouse gives you an unforgettable moment. On the occasion of the 20th birthday of Disneyland Paris, the Fantasy Festival Stage was transformed into a new attraction: Meet Mickey Mouse.
Mickey Mouse welcomes you in the backstage area of the stage, in his dressing room. Between stage sets, costumes and all sorts of other accessories, Mickey welcomes you for a very personal audience. Of course, the most famous mouse in the world takes enough time to take a souvenir photo with you and autographs are also given.
A photographer is ready to take a picture of you with Mickey Mouse, which you can buy at the exit of the attraction if you wish. If you have a Photo Pass, the pictures will of course also be saved on there. If the attraction is not too crowded and you ask nicely, you can also take a picture of Mickey yourself, which you can keep as a souvenir of this special moment.

With the introduction of Meet Mickey at Disneyland Paris, the dream of many park visitors came true, because before it was not always easy to meet Mickey Mouse. Of course he was also present at one or the other character dining, had a place of honor in the parade and was always seen in the park. But now Mickey has a permanent home in the park where you can visit him at fixed times.

You can't miss the building where Mickey Mouse welcomes guests for the private audiences. It is located directly at the exit of Fantasyland Station and the large sign above the entrance makes it clear that you are right at "Meet Mickey Mouse".
The waiting area is covered so that you can prepare for your meeting with the star in a pleasant atmosphere. Short films with Mickey and other well-known Disney characters can be seen on a screen, so the waiting time flies by.

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Once upon a time.... before Meet Mickey

Until Mickey Mouse got its own Meet'n'Greet pavilion, the Fantasy Festival Stage was located here. It was a small theater pavilion, on whose stage smaller shows were performed. The most famous probably were "Le Noel de Mickey" during the Christmas season as well as "En Scène, s'il vous plaît" and "Winnie l'Ourson et ses amis".
Of course, you could already meet Mickey Mouse at that time, but not at a fixed location, but in constantly changing locations in the two parks.

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