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Entrance of Adventureland coming from Central Plaza

Adventureland at Disneyland Paris

Pirates, explorers & privateers - what are you waiting for? Adventureland welcomes you!

The whole world is very close together in Adventureland: the Orient borders directly to the Caribbean, the Jungle and also Africa. In this area of Disneyland Paris, all of the dreams, reality and adventure come together.

Behind Main Street U.S.A., on Central Plaza, on the left side of the fairytale castle, there is a large archway that is part of a city wall. Towers and domes rise behind this archway. The Orient begins behind the entrance gate of Adventureland. A bazaar invites you to linger: shopping, eating and relaxing, surrounded by oriental sounds. A closer look reveals a nest of the Bird Roc with a giant egg on one of the roofs. This is also an allusion to the stories from "1001 Arabian Nights" (also known as "One Thousand and One Nights") as well as the different weathercocks that represent different characters from these stories.

Africa, with all its exotic animals such as giraffes and elephants, is only a step away. Small mud huts, with a white beach in front of it, and a large main house in which the Hakuna Matata restaurant is located.

From there on, the way leads you into the heart of the jungle. With a thicket of plants along the way, at the end of it, you can find an ancient temple hidden deep in the jungle. Courageous visitors of Adventureland have the opportunity to explore the temple ruins together with Indiana Jones.
A junction of the path leads further into the wilderness: narrow paths, waterfalls, suspension bridges and a thicket of bamboo. These winding paths eventually merge into a cave labyrinth that leads to a huge skull on a Caribbean lagoon - a first indication of the presence of pirates.

The large pirate ship, Captain Hook's Galley, that anchors in the lagoon gives another clue to buccaneers and pirates who have settled here. The pirate hideout is located in a massive complex, hidden behind rocks and plants. Dark corridors lead past dungeons and other dark vaults before a small port opens where the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is located. An incredible Caribbean adventure awaits here with many realistic scenes and impressive special effects.

The huge tree, which rises high above Adventureland, is hard to miss. The Robinson family was stranded in a shipwreck and built a tree house. Once you made it to the top floor there is a wonderful view of the entire Adventureland.

Good to know about Adventureland

  • Have you ever taken a closer look at the entrance gate to Adventureland? No?! It's worth it, because there are some hidden references: On both sides of the bow you will find a compass that is reminiscent of the logo of the "True-Life Adventures" series. And if you take a closer look at the patterns of the tiles, you can see the letters WDI, which pays hommage to the Walt Disney Imagineering department.
  • Adventureland is inspired in many areas by the stories from "Arabian Nights". A little reading certainly doesn't hurt in order to be able to grasp the atmosphere even better.
  • Disneyland Paris has around 250,000 flowers and 150,000 trees and shrubs. There are a total of 450 different plant species in the park. The greatest variety and density of plants can be found in Adventureland. 5000-6000 bamboo plants alone form a ring around the Adventureland.
Attractions at Adventureland
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Restaurants in the land of adventure
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Shopping in Adventureland
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