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Make use of last minute offers for Disneyland Paris

Want to go to Disneyland Paris spontaneously and not pay too much? Yes, you can do that! Whether it's a weekend trip or a holiday with the whole family - just the way you like it.
Spontaneous travellers are often rewarded, as hotels tend to offer their rooms last minute at an extremely attractive price. This means that you can save a lot of money.
If you are looking for such a great deal, you should take a look at the Disney Partner Hotels. This is because Disney Hotels and Disney Nature Resorts do not usually follow this practice. However, there are regularly classic last minute offers with a complete package deal instead.
Of course, you have to be quick with last minute offers for Disneyland Paris, as the rooms on offer are usually only available in very limited numbers and are therefore quickly fully booked. For last minute discount hunters, the same applies at Disneyland: last-minute bargain hunters are rewarded.

Last Minute Summer & Autumn 2020: Save up to 30%

Summer & Autumn Offer: Save up to 30% and book Disneyland Paris with peace of mind

You like to visit Disneyland Paris this summer or autumn? Book now last minute and save up to 30% off your Holiday Package. Arrive by 1st November 2020 and use the benefits of this special offer.

This Last Minute Summer & Autumn 2020 Savings offer ist available for arrivals until 1st November 2020. New bookings have to be made until 28th October 2020. To benefit from up to 30% off your Holiday Package book a 2-5 nights package or stay even longer.

Enjoy long and joyfull days during summer or the autumn breeze in September and October at Disneyland Paris - the most magical place in Europe.

Your package includes:

  • Accomodation in a Disney Hotel or at Les Villages Nature
  • Tickets for both Disney Parks for the whole lenght of your stay
  • Extra Magic Time
  • Free parking at your hotel and at the Disney Parks

Book now & save up to 30%!

Christmas 2020 Savings - book now!

Save up to 30% for Disneyland Paris for Christmas 2020 and book with peace of mind

Are you in the mood for some Disney christmas and winter fun? Discover the christmas 2020 savings offer for Disneyland Paris to enjoy the magic of the Disney Parks with your family and friends during the most beautiful time of the year.

Book now to enjoy up to 30% off your Holiday Package.
This offer ist available for new bookings made by 25th November 2020. Stay 2 to 5 nights or even longer to benefit from this offer and arrive between 2nd November 2020 and 2nd January 2021.
Dive in to these magical season and enjoy Mickey Mouse and all his friends in their festive costumes. Gather arount the big christmas tree and listen to the beautiful sound of classic christmas carols.

Your package includes:

  • Accomodation in a Disney Hotel or at Les Villages Nature
  • Tickets for both Disney Parks for the whole lenght of your stay
  • Extra Magic Time
  • Free parking at your hotel and at the Disney Parks

Click here to book your Christmas holiday!

Last minute or early bird?

Is it now more reasonable to book a trip early or is it worth waiting for attractive last minute offers?
Unfortunately we cannot give you a general answer to this question. There is no fixed rhythm of when which offer comes to the market. However, Disneyland Pairs is classically designed for early bookings, and this is where the biggest discounts are usually available. However, there are also regular last minute offers with good prices. However, these usually have a much shorter duration and a smaller contingent, so you don't have much time to think about it.

The tip is: If you have found an attractive offer for Disneyland Paris, then go for it! Make sure you get your dream holiday and enjoy your stay with Mickey Mouse and his friends, feel the adrenaline rush on the roller coasters and the magic at the parades and shows. It really doesn't matter whether it is an early bird or last minute offer.

Last minute only for short holidays?

The hypothesis that last minute offers are only available for short holidays is wrong with regard to Disneyland Paris. If there is a booking option, it is limited to a certain period of time but does not affect the duration of your trip. Whether you would like to stay in the realm of the mouse for 2 days, 3 days or significantly longer, it usually makes absolutely no difference. The corresponding discount will be granted regardless of the length of the journey, sometimes it can even happen that the discount increases with longer journeys! It is therefore worth "playing" with different travel dates before you make your final booking.

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