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French school holidays - holiday dates in France

Experience has shown that Disneyland Paris is particularly crowded during school holidays in France, because many families spend their vacation at the resort or at least take a trip to the theme parks.

If you want to avoid long queues and crowded hotels, you should always take a look at the French vacation dates when planning your trip.

For the school holidays, France is divided into three zones, zones A, B and C. Holidays are therefore not determined individually for each department, but regulated according to zones.


The french regions and their zones:

Karte der französischen Zonen für die SchulferienZone A
Besançon (1), Bordeaux (2), Clermont-Ferrand (3), Dijon (4), Grenoble (5), Limoges (6), Lyon (7), Poitiers (8)

Zone B
Aix-Marseille (9), Amiens (10), Caen (11), Lille (12), Nancy-Metz (13), Nantes (14), Nizza (15), Orléans-Tours (16), Reims (17), Rennes (18), Rouen (19), Straßburg (20)

Zone C
Créteil (21), Montpellier (22), Paris (23), Toulouse (24), Versailles (25)



School holidays in France 2020

Zone WinterWinter Spring Summer Autumn Christmas
Zone A Winter23.02. - 08.03. Frühling19.04. - 03.05. Sommer05.07. - 28.08. Herbst18.10.-01.11. Weihnachten20.12.-03.01.  
Zone B Winter16.02. - 01.03 Frühling12.04. - 26.04 Sommer05.07. - 28.08. Herbst18.10.-01.11. Weihnachten20.12.-03.01.  
Zone C Winter09.02. - 23.02. Frühling05.04. - 19.04. Sommer05.07. - 28.08. Herbst18.10.-01.11. Weihnachten20.12.-03.01.  

School holidays in France 2021

Zone Winter Spring Summer Autumn Christmas  
Zone A Winter07.02.-21.02. Frühling11.04.-25.04. Sommer07.07.-29.08. Herbstnn Weihnachtennn  
Zone B Winter21.02.-07.03 Frühling25.04.-09.05. Sommer07.07.-29.08. Herbstnn Weihnachtennn  
Zone C Winter14.02.-28.02. Frühling18.04.-25.05. Sommer07.07.-29.08. Herbstnn Weihnachtennn  

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