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The best attractions for children at Disneyland Paris

If you are traveling to Disneyland Paris with children, the question will certainly come up in advance which attractions are suitable at all. We cannot provide a general answer either, but we would be happy to give you some advice as to which attractions are particularly suitable for which age group.

Great for all ages are the playgrounds that Disneyland Paris offers: Frontierland Playground (formerly: Pocahonta's Indian Village) and Pirate’s Beach. These two playgrounds, which you can find at Disneyland Park, offer enough space and play opportunities.
Gentle boat rides like It's a small world or Le Pays des Contes de Fées are also suitable for all ages.

We have divided our recommendations into three age groups so you can quickly and clearly find the best attractions for you and your offspring. Whether you are in the mood for a carousel, a roller coaster or a great show - at Disneyland Paris it will definitely never be boring!

You must of course decide for yourself whether the attractions mentioned are also suitable for your children; it could be helpful if you look at pictures (and possibly videos) of the attractions together with your kids so they know roughly what they expect there.

The tip: It is advisable to compare the size / age restrictions of the attractions in advance to avoid tears and dissapointment in the park. You can find all the information you need on the page "Access restrictions". There you will find a list of all attractions at Disneyland Paris that have an access restriction.

The best attractions for children at the age 1-3 years

At Disneyland Paris there are of course some attractions that you can visit with babies and toddlers. This basically includes all meet & greets like the Princess Pavilion or Meet Mickey and all shows except for the stunt show Moteurs ... Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, which you should probably leave out with a small child due to the loud sound and effects which are used.

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Great rides and shows for children at the age 3-6 years

Fantasyland in Disneyland Park is particularly suitable for this age group; there you can safely visit almost every attraction with young children. If your kids are easily frightened or scared, you should skip the Darkrides (Les Voyages de Pinocchio and Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs). But there is more than enough to discover, because in addition to Fantasyland, Discoveryland also offers some attractions for young guests, the most popular of which are Autopia, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast and Orbitron. If you hop over to Walt Disney Studios, a visit to Toon Studios is of course a must! There you will find the Toy Story Playland - an area that includes various attractions related to the Toy Story films - for example the Cars Race Ralley, which is based on the successful Pixar film Cars, and a (not quite as wild) race. Your kids will also be enthusiastic about the new attraction Ratatouille - The Adventure, which is located in the back of the studios on Place de Rémy.

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The hits for kids at the age 6-12

Children of this age can of course visit all of the attractions that are also suitable for babies and toddlers. If this is too boring for you and you are looking for more thrills and adventure, Disneyland Paris also offers a wide selection here. Young action fans will also get their money's worth, especially at the Walt Disney Studios, because in addition to the RC racer and the roller coaster Crush’s Coaster, the stunt show Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular, in which Lightning McQueen from Cars makes a guest appearance. At Disneyland Park, Big Thunder Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean are also a big hit with most of the kids in this age.

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